Khagaria/Parbatta On the instructions of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, a blood donation camp has been organized at Community Health Center Parbatta on 2nd October. The Health Department is running an awareness campaign among the people for this. So that more and more people can participate in it. Blood donation is considered equivalent to donating life. Therefore blood donation has been given the status of great donation. By donating blood, you not only save the lives of others, but it is also very beneficial for your health. Medical in-charge of Community Health Center Parbatta, Dr. Kashish said that a letter has also been sent to the Nagar Panchayat and the head of the Panchayat. An appeal has been made to include maximum number of people in this camp. Even if people from far away places want to come together and join this camp in large numbers, vehicles will also be provided for them.He told that people who donate blood will receive a card and OTP in their mobile. It has to be kept safe. So that when they are in need, they will be given first priority in any hospital. He said that the biggest advantage of blood donation is that it keeps the heart healthy. People who keep donating blood have less risk of heart diseases and stroke. Having excess iron in the blood affects heart health. Whereas by donating blood the amount of iron remains balanced. People who donate blood from time to time maintain iron balance in their body. With this the risk of many types of cancer can be reduced. Donating blood reduces the risk of cancer. The medical in-charge said that donating blood reduces the risk of cancer. Blood donation reduces weight and burns more calories. After donating blood, the level of red blood cells becomes equal in a few months.If you are doing healthy diet and exercise together then obesity reduces rapidly. Doctors say that a healthy person should donate blood every 6 months. The reason behind this is that within 90 to 120 days, red blood cells automatically die in the body and new cells are formed. This is why doctors have advised donating blood every 6 months.

Gurudev kumar



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